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Our Rabbi & Rebbetzin


Rabbi Avrohom Zaltzman was born (in 1984) and raised in Toronto, the son of Rabbi Yoseph and Chiena Zaltzman, where he absorbed the value of responsibility and devotion to his fellow Jews. He grew along with the JRCC and celebrated his milestones in tandem with those of the organization and community.

Rabbi Avrohom Zaltzman studied in Achai T’mimim, Kfar Chabad for his high school years. He furthered his studies in educational institutions in Toronto, France and New York. Rabbi Avrohom Zaltzman spent a year in London, U.K., studying and serving as a mentor for teenage boys. He received his rabbinic ordination from Rabbi Zalman Labkowsky in 2008.


He spent his summers as a successful head staff member of overnight camps in Montreal, the U.K. and in the Catskills. The latter was L’maan Achai, where Rabbi Avrohom Zaltzman dedicated his summer to giving to the campers, many of Russian background, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

As the son of the founder and senior rabbi of the JRCC Rabbi Avrohom Zaltzman invested personal interest in the organization. He volunteered for the JRCC in various capacities throughout the years, including conducting annual communal Passover seders for seniors.

July 1, 2008 marked his marriage to Sarah Liberow. One year later, with their arrival in Toronto, the JRCC of South Richmond Hill and Maple was launched.

All who meet Rabbi Avrohom Zaltzman are drawn to his warmth and dedication. Rabbi Avrohom Zaltzman has called upon his extensive background in Jewish knowledge and its inner dimensions, coupled with his innate warmth, charisma and personable nature. Rabbi Avrohom Zaltzman has charted a path in meeting the needs at the Jewish Russian community and sharing the infinite wisdom of Judaism with others. A weekly synagogue service, adult education classes and community events are among the programs instituted by Rabbi Avrohom and Sarah Zaltzman since their arrival.


Sarah Zaltzman (nee Liberow) was born in 1987 and raised in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, N.Y., the oldest of 12 children. Her parents, Rabbi Zalman and Shevie Liberow, originally from the U.K. and Brooklyn, respectively, imbued their children with a sense of commitment to the Jewish nation.

Sarah graduated from Bais Rivka in Brooklyn in June 2005 and then furthered her studies at Bais Chana teachers’ seminary in Tzfat and Bais Rivka Division of Higher Learning in Brooklyn. She put her teaching qualifications to use during the following years as an educator of elementary school children.

Empowered with a sense of purpose and devotion to her fellow Jews, Sarah began her career of giving to others at a young age. She was a staff member and co-ordinator of activities throughout the U.S. as part of the international Jewish camp network, Gan Israel. Rhode Island, California, Illinois and Texas are among the places impacted by her presence.

In July 2008, she married Rabbi Avrohom Zaltzman and a year later moved to Toronto where she assists her husband in running the JRCC of Richmond Hill and Maple.

Rabbi Avrohom and Sarah Zaltzman reside in Richmond Hill along with their children.


Avrohom: Office: 416-222-7105 x247 Direct: 647-992-7105

Sara: Direct: 647-294-0553 Email:

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