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Alef Champ

At-Home Practice Materials

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At the JRCC Hebrew School we utilize a highly successful reading program called the 'Aleph Champ' program.


This program is designed with a theme and motivation similar to that of the traditional Karate system: using different colors to represent a hierarchy of levels in proficiency.


This system is an incredible tool for our students, since it enables each student to work at his/her own pace and take pride as they master one level and move up to the next. 

Our goal is that upon graduation, every child will be fluent in and comfortable with reading Hebrew, especially the common parts of the liturgy. 

For every students best interest, practicing throughout the week will maintain and sharpen the skills they learn in Hebrew School, and allow them to move forward steadily and proficiently. 

Below please find the reading books for every color-coded level of 'Alef Champ'. In addition, you will find some apps or games we recommend for further practice that your child will find fun and engaging and may help them do more practice without your oversight required.

Aleph Champ Reading Books:

Click on any of the colors below to access the reading book of that color-coded level.

White        Red        Orange        Yellow        Green        Blue        Purple        Brown

Alef Bet Review Games:

Click on any of the games below to start playing!

1. - Choose the letters that you already know, and hit play! (You will most likely prefer the Sephardic pronunciation, just note that 'sofit' means final, so Mem Sofit is Final Mem!)

2. JiTap - Alef Bet sticky notes - look-alike letter review.

3. Purpose Games - Alef Bet Quiz.

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