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The JRCC is a Non-Profit communal organization - which operates through the Community's generous support.

While the JRCC Headquarters provides support with a yearly grant of Approximately $40,000, our Yearly budget at the JRCC of S Richmond Hill & Maple is nearing $250,000.00! and growing B"H.

This includes our flourishing community services, taking place in our beautifully renovated Synagogue; From Shabbat prayers to holiday events, from adult classes to children's program, a growing fabulous Hebrew School and much more.

In general there are 3 ways in which you can help us continue thriving and growing:

  1. Chai club is a monthly contribution of any sum ($18 and up) you'd like. 'Chai' means life. it is through these small, but steady, donations that we can continue operating and serving the community.

  2. Membership is a yearly contribution of $1200 or $1800 (there are 2 options) which may be spread out to 12 Monthly payments (of $100 or $150). a member benefits from free entry to all local events and a seat for your family in Shul for the High Holidays, this of course besides the primary benefit of giving charity and supporting a awesome institution!

  3. Special Projects - there are steady costs for certain ongoing projects as well as occasional new projects that are launched (such as sponsoring a holiday event, a child in Hebrew school Etc.). please feel free to reach out and inquire regarding such projects and dedication opportunities.

Thank you!

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